New Video ! ;)

Collab Processing…

The New AJProductions Collab is not a Christmas special because there was an error with the props, so it is instead another Commercial Parody Video. Will post soon.

New Collab Today/Tomorrow

Me and Hitlows are going to Walgreen’s for props for our Christmas special collab. Will be uploaded by later tonight or tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas eve eve!



Knicks vs nets

Im going to the preseason game tday🙂

New Video

Check out this new video for TheKingKomedy and stay tuned for a TheAJProd collab video this weekend!

new video!

I made a new YouTube video for TheKingKomedy today!

TheAJProd Website

Hitlows and I have decided to upload all of our collaborations onto our new channel, TheAJProd. Check it out and subscribe!

If Video Games Were Real

What do you think about the new Youtube theme ?

New Video!

Check out this collaboration with Hitlows,